"Lay Your Body Down"

Prints_Posters Typography 03/22/16

Digital print. Signed and numbered (limited edition, 1-50). Three price ranges. Note about the original: The original is inspired by a collaboration with the artist Harriet Nauer. An early design concept during the process of Harriet album cover art in the form of a water color is the basis of the work that is created unique to the breast cancer fund. The watercolor painting with the roses is printed and then a part of Harriet Nauers song "Lay Your Body Down" handwritten directly on the print. (Note: The print that this is for sale is a signed photocopy of the original.) 5€ of the sale goes to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Title "Lay Your Body Down"
Category Prints_Posters
Length 29,7 cm
Height 21 cm
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