FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Here we have gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Art Upz. If you have further questions or just want to chat with us you are welcome to contact us.

What is Art Upz?

Art Upz is a Swedish startup company built by artists for artists and art lovers all over the world. We are the new company with the big heart. Art Upz is much more than just an online shop with neat and awesome products. It´s a creative marketplace where you can buy unique items directly from independent artists, designers and vintage sellers from all around Europe.

Art Upz heart and soul is in all the creative entrepreneurs who use Art Upz to sell their unique items. When you visit Art Upz we want you to become inspired and have the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for. It can be anything from a clean-cut poster or a delightful painting for your home or a trendy jewelry that only you have. It´s up to you!

Thank you for contributing to art and culture throughout our beautiful world

Shopping at Art Upz
Handmade or vintage items?

We don’t want you to choose between handmade or vintage! So at Art Upz you can buy handmade items directly from the creator or you can mix your style with classic vintage items from all around Europe – It´s up to you!

How do I find a specific item at Art Upz?

You can choose to use our categories, subcategories, search alternatives or our search function. The search function matches our seller’s descriptions of their items with your search words- Think #Hashtags

What can I buy at Art Upz?

At Art Upz you can buy unique items directly from independent artists, designers and vintage sellers from all around Europe. You can buy handmade and unique jewellery, illustrations, prints, paintings, artworks, photographs and much more.

How do I buy a specific item at Art Upz?

When you have found an item that you wish to buy you put it in your shopping cart, the icon (“Put into shopping cart”) is shown when you have clicked on the image of a chosen item. When you are done shopping you will get to the checkout by clicking the shopping cart.

Can I buy several items at the same time?

Absolutely, you can purchase several different items from different creators while paying for it all at the same time. If you make purchases from several shops your items will be sent from different senders.

How do I pay for my item?

You pay with your credit card/debit card to the seller’s Stripe account. The seller will not have access to the money until they have verified your order. The seller has to verify your order within 7 days. If the seller does not verify your order your credit card/debit card will not be charged.

When will I get the item I bought?

The seller states the information of the longest possible time it will take before the item is sent. When the order has been approved it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure the item is sent before the latest appointed time. If the seller chooses not to accept your order the purchase will not go through, meaning that your credit card/debit card will not be charged and no product will be sent.

Is the shipping cost included in the price?

The shipping cost is included in all purchases at Art Upz. When you have paid for your item you have also paid the shipping fee. It is the seller’s responsibility to include the fee when stating the selling price for their item.

How do I solve issues between me (the buyer) and the seller?

Art Upz is a market place and cannot take responsibility for potential issues between buyer and seller. These issues are to be solved between the two. Always save the seller’s contact information and further information about the purchase. The team at Art Upz will help you solve the issue as best as we can!

Can I get my money back from a purchase?

When a purchase has gone through and the seller has gotten access to the money on their Stripe account the seller has the possibility to make a refund to the card that was used during the purchase. This is something you (the buyer) and the seller will have to discuss.

We recommend that during these circumstances you use the order information that was sent to your e-mail.

The terms for refunds and returning bought items are something you as a buyer and the said seller have to agree on without the interference of Art Upz. However, Art Upz can contribute with information and advice regarding the matter.

Remember that your purchased item cannot be damaged or used and that you as a buyer most likely will have to pay the shipping fee when sending the item back to the seller.


Selling at Art Upz
How do I register?

You can register with Facebook or Click on “Log in” (at the top of the page), continue to “Create account” and fill in your information. Thereafter you will get an e-mail from Art Upz containing a link. Click the link to confirm your e-mail address. If you cannot find the e-mail in your inbox, it is possible that it ended up in your spam mail folder.

What do I get when joining Art Upz?

First of all, you are joining a movement of creative entrepreneurs from all over Europe. So what do Art Upz offers you?

You will be joining a creative movement of entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

You will be able to present your items in the right environment, highlighting their special handmade, unique and awesome nature.

You will get exactly the right target group of people for your unique items. And a direct contact with buyers and other interested parties from all over Europe.

You will get a completely FREE shop, which you can design as you like- Heey it´s your shop!

You will get support and assistance in handling your shop- We have your back!

Last but not least, you will get a quick and easy shop opening.

What does Art Upz cost?

Art Upz is built by artists for artists therefore we have no entry fees, binding periods or other fixed costs. Art Upz only charges you in the form of a fee on sold items. The fee is 4.9 % of the total value, please read our user conditions for more information regarding fees from Art Upz and the payment service Stripe provides.

How do I manage my shop?

As soon as you have registered and opened your shop you are able to upload images of your items and offer them for sale. To have your customers be as satisfied as they can be, trust is very important and that you as a seller take responsibility for your items and the shipping. Below here you will have a few words of advice from us;

  • Be thorough with verifying every order within seven days for the sale to proceed as planned. It is your responsibility as a seller to ship an order you have verified within a specific period of time.
  • Describe your items well. You have the possibility to describe them with the help of images and text.
  • Share your works on social media to draw more attention and visitors to your shop.
  • Take clear and sharp photos of your items. Use different angles, close-ups, background, and so on. Receive more tips on how to take good photos under the category “How do I take good photos of my items?”
How do I know when someone has bought something from my shop?

When an item has been bought we let you know through e-mail. In the mail there will be a link that you will have to click to verify the order. If this is not done within seven days the order is declined and the purchase will not go through. You can also accepts the order directly in your shop.

How do I upload an item to my shop?

To upload an item to your shop you click on the icon “My shop”, thereafter “My products” and finally “Add product”. Remember to describe the item well. Do not forget to say what size the item is and its functions. Describing the item’s possible use is easily done under the tag “Description” as uploading the item. If you take photos of clothing or accessories try using a model in combination with close-ups for the best effect. Help the buyer envision the item in their own home and/or their wardrobe.

How do I take good photos of my items?

Good pictures will assist your sales. Strong and clear photographs that show your items gives the buyer a good idea of what it is that you are selling. This enhances your chances as a seller with us. You can upload four pictures of each item. Try to take the photos from different angles and close-ups on details. You can also show possible uses of your item in the photos. A good amount of natural lighting helps you get a realistic image of the actuality of the item. You are more than welcome to use editing software to crop your pictures, but keep in mind that filters or other extreme altering can change the character of your product. Avoid those to minimize the chances of misunderstandings. Here we will go through a few tips on the road to taking good photos of your items.

  1. A digital camera, mobile camera and/or system camera
  2. A clean setup to place your items on
  3. A lot of natural lighting
  4. Experiment when you take photos, try different angles
  5. Take close-ups and photos from a distance; and have fun while doing it

If you wish to take your photos to the next level

  1. Upload them to your computer
  2. Open them in an editing software program
  3. Crop the photos and adjust the colors, light intensity and so on

Pst, do not forget to have fun and play around with the photos along with testing new things when you photograph your items.

Can I sell as big and as heavy items as I want at Art Upz?

It is you as a seller who is responsible for the shipping and we at Art Upz have no regulations regarding size and weight of items. Keep in mind that your price is include shipping, which means that you also charge for the shipping within the price of your product.

What can I sell at Art Upz?

Art Upz is a service for artists and creators of different types. If you are an artist, designer or vintage seller you are more than welcome to sell through Art Upz. You can sell paintings, jewelry, handicrafts, illustrations, photographs, vintage items and much more in your shop. You can also sell art and handicrafts that other people can use in their own creations. If you are selling vintage items it must be 20 years or older.

When do I get my money after a sale?

When you verify an order you will receive the money from the sale to your account. If the order is not verified within seven days the purchase is retracted and no money will be transferred.

Why do I have to use Stripe as my payment service?

We have chosen to collaborate with Stripe that offers a safe and effective service that already is available in many countries. Stripe also offers the possibility to freeze a transfer until the seller has verified the order. This gives us the opportunity to offer safe transactions for both seller and buyer.

How do I make my Stripe account?

To open your shop and accept payments from American Express, Visa and Mastercard you have to connect to the payment service Stripe. It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to connect and have your shop ready. The information you will have to fill in is the following: name, address, personal identity number (social security number) and IBAN number (International Bank Account Number). The IBAN number is an international standard to mention a bank account number and is constructed as an addition to your regular account number. To find your IBAN number, log onto your Internet bank and choose your account.
A tip! Search the Internet with the words: IBAN number followed by the name of your bank.

Who is responsible for the shipping?

The seller chooses which shipping company they wish to hire. Remember to keep all the information about the shipping!

How do I solve a possible issue with a buyer?

An issue would have to be solved between the two parties. It is very important that the seller describes their product well so that misunderstandings regarding the product are avoided. Art Upz can only provide contact information. Save your documents on sales and purchases.

Can I give my customer a refund after the purchase has been carried out?

Stripe has the function “Refund” for easy refunds and repurchases. Log onto Stripe, click on “Payments”, search for the correct order and choose “Refund”. Now the buyer has the money back to their account. The conditions of refunds, repurchases and returning shipping are accordingly to the seller’s terms. We at Art Upz can provide information about the matter but cannot take responsibility for separate issues.

Do I have to have a business to sell at Art Upz?

No, Art Upz is open for hobby sellers as well as artists and business owners. Keep in mind that you are responsible for when and if you have to pay taxes for your sales.

Do I tie myself down if I open a shop at Art Upz?

No you do not. Art Upz has no entry fees, binding period or other fixed costs. Art Upz only charges you in the form of a fee on sold items.

If you have further questions, suggestions for improvement or just want to chat with us you are welcome to contact us.

Thanks for rocking with us and supporting independent artist, designers and vintage sellers from all over Europe!

Sincerely the team at Art Upz