Designers & artists create their products

They offer them for sale on the Art Upz marketplace

Customers purchase items directly from the seller


Shopping in Three Steps - It's Super Easy and Fun

Find your dream item

Know exactly what you want? Type accurate, descriptive key words for your perfect purchase into the search box at the top of the page to the left, and click on the "Search" button.
Want to do a little window shopping first? There are plenty of possibilities on the Art Upz homepage. Dive into one of Art Upz categories, browse the latest trends, search by your favourite colour, or explore our hot products.

Order the item

So you've found a great product and you want to buy it before someone else snaps it up? Then just click on "Add to basket" button. You can go straight to the checkout by clicking on the shopping basket icon to the top right and you're done!
By the way, of course you can buy several different items at once. Items from each different seller will be treated as separate orders, and each seller will accept your order separately. You will get an email with your order and contact information to your seller(s).

Pay for your purchase

After you place an order you may need to be a little patient and wait until the seller has confirmed your order. The seller accept your order manually. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive all info in an email. We have an 7 days policy, which means that your seller must confirm your order within 7 days, otherwise the order will be lost and no money will be drawn from your account.
We hope you have a lot of fun shopping on Art Upz and a BIG thanks for supporting independent artists and designers.


Selling in Three Steps

Open a shop

Have you already registered at Art Upz? Registering is super quick and easy! Afterwards you can set up your own shop in less than 2 minutes. Just click the "Open Shop" button. Here you can provide the information needed to get going and even upload a banner to decorate your shop with if you like. And then you're ready!
What will it cost? This is a place for artists by artists therefore selling on Art Upz is cost effective as we offer all features for FREE. We only take a percentage at 4.9% when you sell something!

List items for sale

To start filling up your shop, just click where it says "Add product" on your shop's page. Then follow the easy step-by-step process to describe your product and upload up to four photos of it. Of course you can change this description or delete the item from your shop at any time!

Manage your orders

Yay, you've sold an item- congratulations! You will receive an automatic email from us containing all relevant information for the transaction and order. Once you have received payment in full for the order, pack the item well and send it off to the lucky customer!

What Art Upz Offers You

Art Upz is a small company from the south of Sweden. We run our platform with devotion, love and passion for unique items and people around the globe.

Presenting your items in the right environment, highlighting their handmade and beautiful nature
The right target group for your unique items
A completely FREE shop, which you can design as you like – hey, its your shop!
Quick and easy shop opening
Support and assistance in handling your shop
Contact with customers and other interested parties